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Employee Spotlight: Meet Aaron

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Considering I’m a diehard New York sports fan, I had major reservations about spotlighting our Infiniti Sales Consultant Aaron Goodwin. Born and raised in North Philly, Aaron wears his Philly sports pride on his sleeve. In a dealership filled with Giants and Jets fan, it should be a lively Fall here at Douglas Infiniti.

Aaron graduated from Howard University in 1994 with a B.S. in Finance. He has been in the automobile industry for 13 years and has been with Douglas since September of 2001. Three times Aaron has been awarded an Infiniti Award of Excellence.  In 2007 he won the Premier Award and in 2008 & 2011 he won the Elite Award. The Premier award is for being nationally ranked in the top 25% for yearly sales volume. The Elite Award is for being in the top 25% yearly national sales volume and also being ranked above the national average in the Customer Service Index.

Aaron and his wife reside in Newark, NJ with their three daughters aged 14, 13, and 4 (considering I have one 5 year old daughter who goes around all day saying

"Mr Philly"
A big asset to Douglas Infinity

“Daddy, eyes on me”, I don’t know how Aaron does it). When Aaron is not busy rooting for all things Philly, he spends his free time hanging out with his daughters, going to church and sleeping.

So if you ever watch your Giants lose a heartbreaking game to the Eagles this year, feel free to stop by Douglas Infiniti and let Aaron know how you feel.


Keep The Roads Safe. Let The Dog Do The Texting.

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The Price Is Not Right

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So I was on lunch today enjoying a nice mozzarella and tomato sandwich when I decided to annoy some of the sales consultants on their break. I asked them what was the most common question they get hit with by customers. Unanimously, it was, “what’s the best price you can give me?” While I’m obviously not Sherlock Holmes, I will tell you that price should not always be your primary focus in your car purchase. Think over this checklist below when determining what car you will purchase or lease next:

1-How much can you afford to spend?

2- How much does prestige matter?

3- What about better fuel economy?

4- Do you want a lot of passenger space?

5- Do you want a new car or will you purchase a well-maintained used car?

When you are taking the car for a test drive, remember to think over the following:

1- How is the car’s acceleration and handling?

2- Is the seat comfortable?

3- Is there plenty of legroom and headroom?

4- Is the trunk space sufficient?

5- Is the control panel visible and accessible?

So before you get laser focused on having the sales consultant give you the best price, consider the following. Add up all the checkpoints above that your next potential car meets (feel free to add whatever other checkpoints you find important). Then take the best price the sales consultant can give you for the car and divide it by the total checkpoint number.  You will then have your “value beyond price” number. The smaller the number, the better value you are receiving. Now back to the last of my mozzarella and tomato sandwich…

Our Guarantee: We May Not Get You The Best Price

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Buying a car can feel like being a fish in a pond. The dealership with all the similar lures in the water…”we’ll beat anyone’s price!” Yada yada yada…..Well take it from me, Douglas Infiniti and Douglas Volkswagen may not give you the best price. That’s right, I said it. You may not get the best price at our dealership. Maybe. Maybe not. But I can promise you’ll get an enjoyable experience at Douglas Infiniti and Douglas Volkswagen.

Definitely test drive a few cars before determining which make and model you want. With a test drive of a car, you can be in and out of Douglas in 20 minutes. No salesperson beating you over the head to buy an automobile. We want you to make an educated choice.

Very important: get a total price in your head of what you want to spend on your car. Don’t walk into a dealership and start talking about what monthly payment you can afford. Ehhhh! Wrong answer.  Go to a few banks after determining what car you want and find out what the best interest rates are if you are going to finance the vehicle.

Ask about fees. Make sure all fees are spoken about and factored into your total price. Some fees such as Documentation Fees (cover dealer administrative costs involved with processing title, registration, or any other paperwork, filing, or various clerical tasks that go along with your car purchase) cannot be negotiated per governing laws.

So if and when you are ready to purchase a car, remember to be educated about the car buying process ahead of time. Test drive a few cars, find out the total price you can afford, find out the best interest rates and get all the little details brought to light….and remember my guarantee, Douglas may not get you the best price but we will give you the best experience

Welcome To Douglas Auto Group Social Buzz

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Let’s face it, the car buying experience typically ranks right up there with going to the dentist or visiting your attorney. I’ve always hated it and had alot of trepidation about handling social media and marketing for a car dealership. Since I’ve been employed here, I’ve been waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop but it hasn’t happened….and I’ve begun to realize it won’t happen. Douglas Infiniti and Douglas Volkswagon are earnestly trying to rebuke these unseemly notions  about the car buying experience. Many dealerships flash their ads in print, on the internet or television screaming out they have the best prices. The reality is you can negotiate a good price at just about any dealership. What separates Douglas from the others is that they want your business based on the “Douglas Experience.” What this experience involves is 45 years of a low pressure environment, educating the customer and open lines of communication before, during and after the car buying process. Please follow the daily blog from Douglas Auto Group Social Buzz to witness our commitment of giving our valued customers The Douglas Experience.