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Are you ready to drive this winter?

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Are you ready to drive this winter?

We are still 4 days away from the “official” start of winter but by the looks of it you would have never known that. When the crystalline water ice falls from clouds it definitely is a beautiful scene. The thick blankets of snow that cover the roads definitely make you want to stay at home with a nice cup of hot chocolate but of course this can not always happen. Sometimes you need to go somewhere, whether it is to work or an doctors appointment sometimes you just need to go somewhere snow or shine. These tips will help you get to where you need to go snow or shine. But remember if you can stay home during winter weather that is always the safest way to go.

– First off, always leave room for stopping. There is no need to drive too close to anyone ever but especially during snow and rain the further the better.

– Make sure you clear off all snow and ice from your car even the roof top BEFORE you start driving.

– Use brakes carefully. Brake early and do not slam on the brakes. It takes more time and distance to stop in adverse conditions.

– Pay attention, put down the phone, even if its through Bluetooth distraction still occurs.

– Do not try to out drive the conditions and do not get too comfortable driving because that’s when accidents occur. Remember posted driving speeds are for dry weather, not snow and ice.

– Call 511 from your cell phone or any of the following from either your cell phone or landline phone. This will get you the local road conditions no matter where you are.

– Do not use cruise control will driving in slippery weather. Even in areas that seem to be okay may have ice.

– Make sure your car has been serviced and make sure your tires are in good condition. Having tires that are bald can cause you to not have traction, this is especially important in inclement weather conditions.

– Give yourself time, leave extra early. This way you are not pressured to drive fast.

– Wear your seat belt (this is a no brainier) It’s the law!

– Most importantly SLOW DOWN! If you are late it is better then ending up in a accident. You are more important then anything else.