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Douglas Infiniti Limited Engagement Winter Event!

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Douglas Infiniti Limited Engagement Winter Event!

Take advantage of the most attractive offers this year with the Limited Engagement Winter Event!
Click on the picture to find out about Special Infiniti Lease and Financing offers on New Infiniti models, such as the FX37, G37 Convertible, G37 Coupe, G37 Sedan, M37, QX56, and EX37.

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96 Fleeting Hours At Douglas Infiniti

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96 Hours Not To Be Missed!
96 Hours Not To Be Missed!

As the old saying goes, “timing is everything!” From finding out about a juicy stock pick to getting that piece of red meat grilled just right on your barbecue. Well, another event that is all about timing is right here at Douglas Infiniti in Summit, NJ during Presidents’ Day Weekend. For 96 hours from Friday February 15th thru Monday February 18th, we are offering the 96 Hour Exclusive Presidents’ Day Event. If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, at 9 PM on Monday February 18th, here’s what you will be missing out on if you don’t act:

1- Employee Pricing– You will be able to purchase or lease a vehicle at the Douglas Infiniti Employee rate PLUS we will take an additional $250 off that price. In other words, these are discounts so deep that it would make an Extreme Couponer blush.

2- Trade-In Pricing- Concerned about receiving a strong offer in trade for your automobile? Fear not at Douglas Infiniti! $1000 OVER Edmunds average trade-in for your vehicle during Presidents’ Day Weekend!

3- Accept All Credit- With our team of experienced professionals in our Finance Department, we are able to work with ANY credit situation to help get you in the vehicle you desire!

4- A Great Interest- If the first three Douglas Infiniti Presidents’ Day features don’t whet your appetite, this is the icing on the cake. Financing on certain models as low as 1.69% along with top-of-the-line lease programs. We have also extended these rates and programs to all of our brand new 2012 Infiniti models as well!

Of course, all of these extremely attractive offers are only as good as the people who stand behind them. At Douglas, we let our near half century of existence in Summit, NJ speak for itself. From our stellar reputation amongst our customers to our well-respected and tenured staff in Sales & Service, there shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind that what you read is what you get. However, “timing is everything.” 96 hours of Presidents’ Day Weekend to take advantage of not only the best car buying terms around but also an elite customer experience. Where else? Only at Douglas!

Not A Bit Part At Douglas Infiniti

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Douglas Infiniti Parts Manager Mike Feeley
Douglas Infiniti Parts Manager Mike Feeley

When I sat down to talk to Douglas Infiniti Parts Manager Mike Feeley, the conversation didn’t go exactly as I had planned. Mike is always jovial, laughing and keeping everyone on their toes at work. Being an Irish person myself, I’m quite accustomed to being around the Irish wit on a regular basis. However, Mike was reluctant to speak and begrudgingly finally agreed to talk. As I thought about it afterwards, his attitude towards being interviewed actually made a lot of sense. While we all briefly see him at Douglas Infiniti as he passes by with a funny line, 99% of the time he usually quietly goes about his business. Whether it’s at the crack of dawn in the Winter to plow the driveway, at midnight to get paperwork done or on the weekend to help fulfill an order, behind the scenes Mike is a tireless worker who doesn’t look to bring attention to himself.

He started with the ownership at Douglas Auto Group back in 1978 as a Parts Clerk when it was PACE Buick. In 1983, Mike was promoted to Parts Wholesale Manager. When Douglas Infiniti started in 1989, he was again promoted to Douglas Infiniti Parts Manager, a title he holds until this day. As I mentioned earlier about Mike keeping to himself, he surprisingly told me that he too is a fellow Summit resident like myself. He met his wife while he was working as a mechanics apprentice at the old Colonial Pontiac in Summit. After work, he would venture over to Natale’s Bakery to eat and strike up a conversation with his future wife. Mike and his wife ended up raising all three of their sons here in Summit.

The non-stop work ethic of Mike Feeley is always perpetuating itself at Douglas Infiniti. When you usually encounter Mike, he normally has multiple phones in his hands as he juggles several conversations at once. From mechanics, to wholesale outlets, to body repair facilities to Douglas retail customers, he’s always got a device glued to his ear trying to help someone out. As Mike says, “there’s always a deadline to meet and a part to be promised.” Due to the heavy demand for Infiniti parts and his impeccable customer service, Mike has led Douglas Infiniti to be the #9 ranked Infiniti Parts Wholesaler along the Eastern Seaboard.

While Mike Feeley fits the Irish proverb, “you can always tell an Irishman but you can’t tell him much”, you can count on two things from him: if you’re a co-worker, he’ll always look to make you laugh and as a customer you will not find someone else who will work harder behind the scenes to deliver on a promised part. These attributes are what has made Mike an indispensable part of the “Douglas Difference” for many years.

Douglas Infiniti’s Critical Asset

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Pretty simple….our most valued asset at Douglas Infiniti is our customers. This Douglas ownership has been in business in Summit since 1965 and they have many employees with 15 years plus service at Douglas. Those facts sound impressive but they ring hollow without having a loyal, classy and satisfied customer base. So without further ado, we’d like to highlight some of our happy Douglas Infiniti customers from over the past year. Most importantly, we’d like to say thank you for your faith and belief in Douglas Infiniti as a business.

Douglas Infiniti’s Lunch With Loyalty

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Throughout the years the ownership of Douglas Auto Group has resisted any temptation to become a highway dealership. We pride ourselves on being your personal and easily accessible neighborhood dealership. A home away from home so to speak….well our lunch today with longstanding Douglas Auto Group customer Dr. Stephen Korson exemplifies these ideals. As myself, Douglas Infiniti Sales Consultant Gil Coronado and Dr. Korson dived into a delicious lunch at Fiorino Ristorante in Summit, we began to hear an impressive tale of loyalty between a customer and a car dealership.

Dr. Korson bought his first Douglas automobile, a Buick Century, back in 1983. A few years later he bought a Ford Taurus from Douglas. In 1990, Dr. Korson unfortunately experienced an inordinate amount of tragedies. He theorized that he developed a need for instant gratification due to the personal difficulties he was enduring. As a result, he purchased his first luxury automobile, a 1990 Douglas Infiniti Q45. From that moment going forward, Dr. Korson was hooked on Infinitis. As he puts it, “I said to myself, I could get used to this.” Over the last 22 years, Dr. Korson has bought an impressive ten Infinitis at Douglas Infiniti. He currently owns a 2004 G35 and his personal favorite Douglas car, a 2010 M35. “The comfort and handling of the M35 combined with features like Sirius radio plus the back-up camera make it a sublime automobile to own” said Dr. Korson.

One of the lynchpins to Dr Korson’s loyalty in purchasing ten Douglas Infinitis has been the people of the dealership. According to Dr. Korson, “Our Douglas Infiniti Sales Consultant Gil Coronado has always been there for me and made it easy for my wife Rochelle and I when we’ve needed guidance with our Douglas cars.” The Korsons have also maintained their Infinitis with the Douglas Service Department. “Douglas Infiniti Service has also made the process of servicing our cars seamless and as easy as can be” said Dr. Korson. Even when they’ve had a few fender benders over the years, the Korsons have brought their automobiles to the Douglas Body Shop where according to Dr. Korson “The Douglas Body Shop Estimator Nick (Riello) has always been highly organized and attentive in making sure our auto body repairs were handled smoothly.” As lunch continued, Gil Coronado mentioned to me that the Korsons always stop by and say hello anytime they come to Douglas Infiniti for one of their needs. “At Douglas Infiniti, we feel like we have friends there” said Dr. Korson.

As he began to describe his personal background, it began to become even more apparent what drove Dr. Korson to be such a faithful customer of Douglas Infiniti. Residing in Summit with his wife Rochelle, the Korsons have raised two children. Both his son Alex and his daughter Johanna are Summit High School graduates. For over two decades in Summit, Dr. Korson has developed a thriving pediatric dentistry practice called Summit Pediatric Dentistry. States Dr. Korson, “Dentist practices like car dealerships may be an uncomfortable visit for some people. I believe both my goal and Douglas Infiniti’s goal is to make the experience of the customer as easy, painless and enjoyable as possible. When you accomplish those goals, you end up seeing the same people for so many years that your customers become your friends. That is exactly what transpired between myself and Douglas Infiniti.”

As we were winding down our lunch, I began to tell Dr. Korson how my three-year old son gives my wife and I a difficult time with brushing his teeth. Dr. Korson then started to explain to me how he uses magic to entertain the children who come into his office. “For a magician, I’m a very good dentist” said Dr. Korson. Not only did he proceed to make a lime slice disappear behind Gil Coronado’s head but he took out his iPhone and showed us clips of him displaying magic for his pediatric patients. So as myself, Gil and Dr. Korson headed out of Fiorino Ristorante, the parallel to both Dr. Korson and Douglas Infiniti was unmistakable in my head. Both have a genuine concern to make their customers feel part of a larger family. In a cold-hearted world ruled by numbers and metrics, decency, humility and transparency can build the type of loyalty that can power two small businesses to thrive for decades.

Mega Capable 2013 Infiniti JX35 For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Many times when you are deciding on your next vehicle purchase, alot of typical questions fly through your head. “My spouse would kill me but I really would like a luxury car to showcase around town….gas prices are through the roof so I have to look at an automobile that doesn’t eat through gas.” Or my thoughts on automobiles as I approach 40 years old with two small kids, ” I need a crossover with state of the art safety features that not only excels at transporting the grandparents but is easy for them to access in and out of as well.” Well, Infiniti has found a vehicle which answers all those questions and then some. Please take a look at the 2013 Infiniti JX35 Crossover video presented by Douglas Infiniti and it’s Marketing Director Ken Beam.

Douglas Infiniti JX Party Wows Crowd

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On Tuesday March 13th, Douglas Auto Group gave a sneak preview to the public for the long anticipated 7 passenger Infiniti JX35 Crossover. Douglas Infiniti was packed with people from a variety of backgrounds: young couples about to embark on parenthood, young families, baby boomers with teenagers and grandparents looking for a vehicle to haul their grandchildren around town.

While containing Infiniti’s signature grille and striking good looks, this vehicle will also surely be a trendsetter in its market for a variety of reasons. To me, as a man with two small children, the easy access to the 3rd row is truly remarkable. Not only can you access the third row from both the driver and passenger sides but you don’t need to remove the child safety seats when entering the third row. This is a HUGE plus to all of us who deal with our families and in-laws trying to squeeze into our family cars on a regular basis. In fact, with a child safety seat in place, there is still more room to enter the third row than in an Acura MDX with no child seat in the 2nd row. Another unique feature of the JX over the Acura MDX is you can recline the back of the third row seats. As a man over 6 ft tall, I find this feature most appealing.

The ride in the JX is also sublime with it being the first Infiniti to utilize a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). This transmission keeps the engine in its most efficient range at all times, you don’t feel shift changes and allows for smooth acceleration from starting to cruising speed. Additionally, the CVT has a manual shift mode that allows you to shift through six gears. So whether you just want a luxurious vehicle to showcase around town or want to toy around through the hills twists and turns of Union County, the 2013 Infiniti JX35 crossover pleases all driver segments.

Infiniti’s safety technologies are also prominently showcased in the JX. You not only have a 360 degree Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection and a Lane Departure Warning and Prevention System but a world first Backup Collision Intervention System. Not only does the BCI System detect objects behind the JX when it’s in reverse, but if necessary it will engage the brakes to avoid a collision.

After the viewing public got to see the wonder that is the Infiniti JX they not only left with bellies full of delicious hors d’oeuvres but also a comfort in knowing they just witnessed a vehicle that pleases all; safe and smart driving for the busy parent, comfort and safety for kids and grandparents….a stylistic and spacious crossover for the whole family.

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